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Welcome to Shop.Housesitmatch.com your one-stop pet supplies shop. Here you will find all the products your pets desire and that you need to keep them healthy and happy.

We are an affiliate shop which means you benefit from having multiple stores/ suppliers/ products all in one place. An affiliate website posts links to the merchant site and is paid a commission for the sale of any products sold via these website pages.

How to buy from our shop

Check out the categories of products e.g. Birds, Cats, Dogs, Small pets and the sub categories e.g. Bird food, Cat food, Dog food Small pet food and search for the brand you want.

Like the product click “buy now” to go directly through to the product supplier. We do not take private details or payments on this store.

It’s all about the pets – because we love our pets

If you have ever had a pet in your life, you know the importance of good pet care. Finding the right food, and accessories for comfort and safety is absolutely for their health and well-being. Since I started Housesitmatch.com a few years ago it always seemed an important next step that we could offer pet owners and their petsitters access to the things they need to care for their pets. 

 While helping you to find petsitters and housesitters remains the origin of our business we hope that you find what you need in Shop.Housesitmatch.com to help you care for and cherish your pets.

Affiliate Pets Supplies Shop

Our affiliate shop works in partnership with UK National and International pet suppliers. Our pet supplies come with the imprimatur of retail brands like Zooplus.com, Tails.com amongst other niche suppliers for your special pets. We also work with Monster Pet Supplies who deliver across Europe. 

You can shop by Brand, by Category and by Pet. Take a look to find what you need. And let me know if you want us to consider adding more products to our listings by emailing me via [email protected] I look forward to seeing you active online. 

And remember, if you need petsitters for your next holiday or work trip, we can help there too! 

Check out Housesitmatch.com for your petsitter needs.

Lamia Walker – Founder of Housesitmatch.com